Rapcast, Seinfeldcast or Wrestlecast: Which is your favorite?

First there was Wrestlecast, then Seinfeldcast and finally Rapcast – which sportscast ranks as your ultimate Adam Lefkoe moment?

In the fall of 2013 sports personality Adam Lefkoe caught the imagination of the internet with an unique twist on reporting sports for the WHAS 11 news in Louisville, KY. 


The first of Adam’s hilarious sportscasts was dubbed the Wrestlecast. Here Lefkoe jams a cornucopia of wrestling references into his coverage of the Louisville and Kentucky college football teams. That night everyone from the Ultimate Warrior to the Iron Sheik and Doink the Clown clotheslined their way into the Louisville news as a result of Adam’s creativity.


After the success of Wrestlecast, Adam followed up with Seinfeldcast, his homage to America’s favorite sitcom. Instead of five, boring minutes of typical sports highlights, Lefkoe added spice to the broth with humorous allusions to the infamous red dot on the cashmere sweater, the J. Peterman catalog and urban sombreros!


On the heels of Seinfeldcast, Adam scored his most viral video yet with Rapcast! In the course of reporting on the Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana college football teams Lefkoe drops some serious hip hop knowledge and pays homage to Ice Cube’s “Today was a good day,” Jay Z’s “99 Problems,” De La Soul’s “Me, Myself and I” and Bone Thugs-n-harmony’s “Crossroads”


So which Lefkoe-cast is your favorite? Let us know if the comments. And don’t forget to buy “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” today. It’s produced by Adam Lefkoe and it’s about the college basketball rivalry between the Louisville Cardinals and the Kentucky Wildcats. You can buy “Red V. Blue” on Amazon or through our online store!

Close but no cigar at the North Texas Final Four

Shabazz Napier and the UCONN Huskies foil Kentucky’s plans for a North Texas Final Four coronation!

Final Four North Texas

With Kentucky positioned to win its ninth national championship at the North Texas Final Four, it appeared that the state of Kentucky was poised to make college basketball history for a third consecutive spring.

If the Wildcats had delivered against the Huskies, it would’ve been the Commonwealth’s third Naismith Trophy in three years (In 2012 Kentucky was triumphant in New Orleans and in 2013 Louisville was crowned king in Atlanta.).

In fact, it seemed to many experts and fans that it was already a done deal. Kentucky was going to win number nine. After all, if “little brother” Louisville had handled UCONN easily in AAC play, “big brother” Kentucky should have no problem with the Huskies. Right?

Final Four North Texas AT&T stadium night

As it turns out, UCONN never got that script, and they cruised to victory on the back of Shabazz Napier, who tallied 22 points, 6 assists, 3 rebounds and 3 steals in his final game for the Huskies.

The championship defeat was the source of much sadness for Kentucky fans but was also a cause for celebration for some Louisville supporters.

Of course, not all Louisville fans were cheering against Kentucky. I, for example, committed the Cardinal sin and cheered for Big Blue back in April. In fact, Wade and I flew to North Texas to document the scene and to attend the championship game in Jerry World.

But even though Kentucky came up just short this season, the state represented itself admirably. Louisville and Kentucky were ranked in the top five going into the 2013-2014 college basketball season, and they ended the NCAA tournament among the top five teams as well.

Next year let’s just hope that the NCAA finally gets it right and puts U of L and UK in opposite brackets. Because if U of L and UK ever meet in the finals you can bet that Wade and I will be there filming it!

Final Four North Texas producer Wade Smith and director Rory Owen Delaney


The DVD and Blu-ray are available from as well as our web store.


In Louisville most of the DVDs at Walmart and Krogers have sold out and will not be reordered until the start of the college basketball season. We have heard that Alumni Hall in the Mall of St. Matthews is still carrying copies. The DVD can also be rented or purchased at Wild and Wooly Video, the best little video store in Louisville if I may say so myself.


SLAM Magazine “Red V. Blue” Rivalry Documentary Interview

SLAM Magazine interviews director Rory Owen Delaney about his new rivalry documentary Red V. Blue.

Read the interview on Duane Watson’s blog “Directing Traffic: Basketball on Film.”


Battleground State: Red V. Blue documentary takes a close looks at Louisville-Kentucky rivalry.

By Duane Watson

Many will argue that North Carolina versus Duke is the greatest rivalry in college basketball, but in the Bluegrass State, nothing is as divisive as Louisville vs Kentucky. Only in Louisville, will you find two seniors coming to blows over their respective schools at a dialysis center. Yet despite their close proximity, both universities have only faced each other 46 times since 1913. The competition intensified with the annual Battle of the Bluegrass, which started in 1983, however, games take on a deeper meaning with the National Championship on the line. Both schools are in the Sweet 16 and face off in the Midwest Regional semi-final, No. 4 Louisville will face No. 8 UK with more than just state pride will be at stake.

Red V. Blue started filming as the Wildcats made their 2012 championship run, and the subsequent season as the Cardinals not to be outdone, won a national championship in 2013. Yet the documentary goes far back into the history of the state and it’s climate on a cultural level, providing a deep understanding of how this feud came to be, and why it still rages strong. While conflicts didn’t permit for the most coveted sit down Rick Pitino, the only person to have coached at both schools, there are a dearth of interviews, from former players, coaches, historians and most importantly their passionate fans.

SLAM spoke with Rory Owen Delaney, the director of Red V Blue about the film.

SLAM: Is this the biggest rivalry in basketball and why?

Rory Owen Delaney: Yeah, I think it really is the biggest rivalry in basketball. One of the big reasons is they only play once a year, as they’re not in the same conference. So you don’t get that Duke/North Carolina deal where they play twice and may play in the ACC tournament. They just have this one game and you got to get it right, and maybe you’ll get a meeting in the NCAA tournament. The other reason is there are no pro sports teams in Kentucky, so those two universities are the equivalent of pro teams. I think even Forbes Magazine has analyzed this and I believe both of those teams generate more revenue than most NBA teams. (Louisville has topped Forbes list for most valuable college basketball teams the last two seasons, but the program doesn’t generate more revenue than pro teams—Ed.). Lastly, I think this whole history of where they didn’t play for decades and where there was this urban rule, almost even a little bit of regional tension to it. Even though it’s not like it used to be, there still a little specter of it and fires people up a little bit more.

Click here to read the rest of the interview!

rivalry documentary

Louisville Kentucky Basketball Rivalry Movie Now On Sale

As of March 18th, DVDs and BluRays for the first Louisville Kentucky basketball rivalry movie “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” are now at sale at retailers across Kentucky!

Stop in at any Walmart or Kroger in the Commonwealth and pick up your copy of The Rivlary: Red V. Blue, the first movie to document the Louisville-Kentucky college basketball rivalry!

While we did get a few concerned tweets about stores not having the film displayed on the 18th, the majority of our retail locations were on the ball. For those of you in Louisville who are looking for the DVD, folks were specifically recommending Alumni Hall and The Neutral Zone on twitter.

Below is a list of retailers who received the DVD and should be selling it. All Lids and Hibbett Sports locations in Kentucky should also be carrying the documentary. If you don’t see it, remember that some locations are slower to get new merchandise out of storage and into retail displays.

If you prefer to do your shopping online, don’t forget that you can buy the DVD and Blu-Ray right here at Use the coupon code “redvblue” during check-out to get free shipping on all DVD and BluRay orders! We currently accept PayPal, but not credit cards — sorry, folks.

If you would prefer to pay via credit card, The Rivalry: Red V. Blue is also for sale online at,,,, and

Louisville Kentucky basketball rivalry

Louisville vs Kentucky Basketball Anthem

An original Louisville vs Kentucky Basketball Rap Anthem… Listen to it loud, Louisville and Kentucky fans!

One of the fans The Rivalry: Red V. Blue wrote “Tell Em,” an original rap anthem inspired by the documentary.

Versityle, a local hip hop artist based out of Louisville, saw the film during its theatrical release and created a song for us, which we love by the way. Thanks, Versityle! Over the weekend we created a video for “Tell Em” using some of our favorite photos from Red V. Blue.

Greatest Basketball Rivalry in the World from Rory Owen Delaney on Vimeo.

You can buy the single “Tell em” on iTunes after you preview the full song on our SoundCloud player.

Versityle “Tell E” (aka VTE), or simply Verse, is originally from Louisville, KY, and has been all over the world, with his music reflecting that international flair as well as his Southern roots. Versityle began in music as a producer in 2004, and then debuted as a lyricist with Awaken Records in 2007 on the “Big Dreams” compilation. Since then, he has performed at many venues in the Louisville metro area with Awaken Records label mates Wyde Awake, Militant, and Kid Cos.

Versityle has also worked with other Kentucky artists, such as the Derby City Boys, Bona-Fide, Macaroni, Too Tall, and DJ KGee. Versityle’s style is self-descriptive, combining repetitive phraseology (e.g., Kool G Rap, AZ, Lupe Fiasco) with rhythmic delivery and singing. He animates stories with realistic and comical punchlines and at times delivers wise lessons to his audience. Versityle’s production is laced with bass-heavy, soulful and jazzy instrumentation. For more information, please visit

Beginning March 18th, don’t forget to pick up one of our DVDs or BluRays at retailers across Kentucky, including Walmart, Kroger, Lids and Meijer among others. Or if you prefer to shop online, head over and order a copy today!

bluray rvb

Digital Pay-Per-View

Beginning Sunday, March 16th, 2014 at 6:00 pm ET, the film will be available through Digital Pay-Per-View on Fans can purchase unlimited digital viewing of the film for $9.99 and will be able to purchase advanced tickets beginning Friday, March 14th.

Please click on the Purchase button in the video player below to access unlimited digital viewings of Red V. Blue for $9.99!

DVD Release Date!

Man Bites Dog Films, in collaboration with Volar Video, announces the Digital Pay-Per-View and DVD/Blu-ray release dates of “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue,” the first film to document college basketball’s ultimate rivalry: University of Louisville vs. University of Kentucky.

Today we are pleased to report that is currently taking preorders for the DVD and Blu-Ray. The film will also be available through Digital Pay-Per-View beginning Sunday, March 16th, 2014 at 6:00 pm ET on Fans can purchase unlimited digital viewing of the film for $9.99 and will be able to purchase advanced tickets beginning Friday, March 14th.

In addition, the film’s DVD and Blu-ray versions will be released on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014. Fans can purchase copies of this film for $19.99 (DVD) and $24.99 (Blue-ray) by visiting retailers across the state including Walmart, Kroger, Meijer, Hibbett Sports, Fan Outfitters, Kennedy, Neutral Zone, Dunham’s Sports, FiveStar Food Mart, Hallmark, Lids, and JD Becker, and also online through,,,,, and

Red V. Blue weaves current events, including back-to-back national championships in 2012 and 2013, with the intriguing history of a rivalry game that didn’t exist for decades. The film features interviews with legendary coaches of both programs, former players, prominent sportswriters and other sports media personalities, politicians, celebrities, and a wide range of die-hard fans, making it a must-see for any college sports fan.

The documentary premiered in Lexington at the Lexington Opera House and in Louisville at the Muhammad Ali Center in December 2013 and is currently being shown in select theaters across Kentucky through March 2014. The film also screened at The River City Festival of Films in Owensboro, KY this past weekend.

dvdmenu copy

About Man Bites Dog Films

Man Bites Dog Films is a boutique film production company established by filmmaker Rory Owen Delaney with the mission of creating unique content for unique audiences. In 2010 producer Wade Smith joined forces with Man Bites Dog Films. Both Delaney and Smith share a passion for film, grew up in Kentucky and were named honorable Kentucky Colonels. “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” is the second feature length documentary produced by Man Bites Dog Films. Man Bites Dog Films specializes in innovative digital filmmaking and has offices in Los Angeles, CA and Paintsville, KY. For more information, visit

About Volar Video

Volar Video is a digital video technology company whose proprietary software and production platform enables clients to broadcast and monetize events in high quality with custom graphics and ad insertion. Led by an experienced team of production, technical software, marketing and sports executives, Volar Video delivers customized video solutions across television, computer and mobile platforms. Volar Video has offices in Lexington, Ky. and New York. For more information, visit

Screenings Update

Come see “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” on a Big Screen Near You!

Don’t miss out on one of these great opportunities to see the first UK-U of L documentary on the silver screen. The DVD is due out in March. The street date should be announced in the coming days. In the meantime, check out one of our upcoming showtimes:

— “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” will be screening at the Maiden Alley Cinema in Paducah, KY on February 27th at 7 pm!

— Presented by Citizen National Bank, “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” will be screening at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland, KY on February 28th at 7 pm!

— “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” will be screening on March 1st at 2:05 pm as part of the River City Festival of Films in Owensboro, KY!

Lights of Liberty Theater

See The Rivalry: Red V. Blue at the newly renovated Lights of Liberty Theater!

The Lights of Liberty Theater in Liberty, KY will be screening The Rivalry: Red V. Blue on February 16th at 7 pm. The address of the theater is 36 Hustonville St. This is an extra cool event because the Lights of Liberty is a newly renovated theater in a town that hasn’t had its own cinema since the 70s!

Our mission is to share this documentary with as many Kentuckians as possible, so we are really pumped to screen in a town that hasn’t had its own movie theater for decades — that’s why we made The Rivalry: Red V. Blue!

To find a showtime in your area, check out our Screenings Page, or to host a showtime, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

lights of liberty theater

Owensboro Screening Announced

Catch The Rivalry: Red V. Blue in Owensboro, Kentucky as part of the 2014 River City Festival of Film!

The Owensboro screening is on March 1st, but the showtime still hasn’t been announced. Check back here for an update or head on over the River City Festival of Film website.

We are pumped about being a part of the film festival and are excited that we will be sharing The Rivalry: Red V. Blue with our friends in Western Kentucky! To date, we have screened in Lexington, Louisville, Paintsville, Elizabethtown, Inez, and Hazard, and soon Owensboro will be added to the list!

To see where else Red V. Blue is screening in the state, go to our Screenings Page. To watch the trailer, go to our Home Page.