Louisville Basketball Documentary on Amazon Prime

The definitive Kentucky and Louisville Basketball Documentary is now available on Amazon Prime!

We are happy to announce that you can now stream “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” on Amazon Prime!

Not a fan of Amazon Prime? The first movie to document the Louisville-Kentucky hoops rivalry is also available on iTunesXbox and Vudu!

Never heard of this movie? “Red V. Blue” aired on ESPN Classic and KET (Kentucky Educational Television), and it has screened at theaters across the Commonwealth.

Its popularity is derived from the fact that the movie is two documentaries rolled into one; it’s equal parts a Louisville basketball documentary and a Kentucky basketball documentary.

“The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” features players, coaches, mayors announcers, bloggers and fans from both sides of the divide, including Denny Crum, Joe B. Hall, Peyton Siva, Derek Anderson, Greg Fisher, Jim Gray,  Mike Rutherford and Matt Jones, among others.

If you haven’t seen this unique film yet, now is your chance!

louisville basketball documentary

Now on iTunes and Xbox!

We are happy to announce that “Red V. Blue” is available on several new digital platforms as of the 28th of April.

The first movie to document the UofL-UK college basketball rivalry is now on iTunes and Xbox as well as Vudu. “Red V. Blue” is also scheduled to be up on the Playstation platform today but Sony is lagging for some reason.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported the movie along the way; you rock!

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iTunes Preorder Available Now

Red V. Blue drops on iTunes on 4/28!

The first movie to document the Louisville-Kentucky college basketball rivalry is now available with Dolby Surround Sound, which is awesome news as your ears will finally be able to enjoy this epic hoops war as much as your eyes. So don’t delay and surf over to iTunes to preorder your copy today.

Not a fan of iTunes? Our digital distributor Indie Rights will be releasing “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” on several other digital platforms on April 28th, including Xbox and Playstation, so if you prefer one of these formats, we’ve got you covered.  



College Hoops Daily Interview

College Hoops Daily recently interviewed director Rory Owen Delaney about “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue.”

“The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” was recently featured on the popular college basketball blog College Hoops Daily. Below is an excerpt from Jon Teitel’s interview with the director of “Red V. Blue” Rory Owen Delaney.

Red + Blue = Rivalry: CHD interviews the director of a Kentucky-Louisville documentary by Jon Teitel

“The Rivalry: Red v. Blue” is a documentary about the rivalry between Kentucky and Louisville, which is one of the greatest in college basketball. Located 75 miles apart from each other in Lexington and Louisville respectively, the teams have combined to win 11 NCAA titles including two of the past three.  The film includes interviews with such legendary figures as Denny Crum, Joe B. Hall, Russ Smith, and Scott Padgett.  CHD’s Jon Teitel got to chat with director Rory Owen Delaney about his favorite players, how fans think about Rick Pitino, and his prediction for the big game this weekend.

Why did you decide to make this film? I got the idea to make “Red V. Blue” on New Year’s Eve in 2010, which happened to be the day of the UK-UofL men’s basketball game. That year’s game was played in Louisville at the Yum! Center, but at the time I was visiting my family in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. However, my isolation in the Rocky Mountains did not prevent my participation in the exchange of some annual good-natured rivalry banter with my fellow Kentuckians: quite the contrary!

Before the game I fired off a series of cocksure text messages to my Big Blue Nation friends, talking about how the Cardinals were going to finally best the Wildcats and Rick Pitino was going to get his first win for UofL over UK since his nemesis John Calipari took the reins in Lexington (disclaimer: I am a life-long Louisville fan.). When that prediction did not pan out and the Cats stomped the Cards at home 78-63, my phone started blowing up with text messages from all of my UK-supporter friends, who were reveling in yet another victory…

To read the full interview, visit College Hoops Daily.



Free Screening at Against the Grain Brewery

Against the Grain Brewery and Man Bites Dog Films are presenting a free documentary screening of “Red V. Blue” at the Against the Grain Brewery in Louisville, KY at 7 pm on 12/26/14.

Producer Wade Smith and Director of Photography Aaron Mikel will be hanging out to answer any questions that you might have, so wear your red or blue, have a beer or two, and get ready for college basketball’s greatest rivalry game on the 27th by watching “Red V. Blue” on December 26th!

The film traces the history of the UK-UofL rivalry from the Adolph Rupp / Peck Hickman days to the 1983 Dream Game before climaxing with the back-to-back championships claimed by Kentucky and Louisville in 2012 and 2013. The documentary features interviews with Joe B. Hall, Denny Crum, Matt Jones, Mike Rutherford, John Y. Brown, Peyton Siva, Derek Anderson and many more. But it’s not all history; there are plenty of laughs along the way thanks to the real life barbershop banter of UK and UofL super fans: Robert Boone and Mark Wagner Jr.

So come out to Against the Grain Brewery on Friday night and get pumped for the biggest basketball game of the year in the Commonwealth of Kentucky! Against the Grain Brewery is located at 401 East Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202. Also, for those of you in Atlanta area, “Red V. Blue” is playing at the Midtown Art Cinema on Friday night as well as part of Midnight Movie Mayhem, hosted by Twanee Baby.

For more information email info[at] Happy holidays!


Midnight Movie Mayhem in Atlanta

Attention, Atlanta — get ready for college basketball’s greatest rivalry game on December 27th by experiencing Midnight Movie Mayhem on December 26th!

This year “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” will be hitting Atlanta’s Midtown Art Cinema located at 931 Monroe Drive the night before the big game. In addition to a screening of the documentary, Midnight Movie Mayhem will feature sounds by DJ Nerdboi and DJ Brooklyn (Fan Zone) as well as a give-away for official “Red V. Blue” swag! The party is being hosted by our friend Twanee Baby and is presented by Man Bites Dog Films and Kutt Kreww Films.

Tickets are only $5, and food and drink, including beer and alcohol, are available for purchase. Doors open at 11 pm and the movie starts at 12 am. Hope to see you there!


Close but no cigar at the North Texas Final Four

Shabazz Napier and the UCONN Huskies foil Kentucky’s plans for a North Texas Final Four coronation!

Final Four North Texas

With Kentucky positioned to win its ninth national championship at the North Texas Final Four, it appeared that the state of Kentucky was poised to make college basketball history for a third consecutive spring.

If the Wildcats had delivered against the Huskies, it would’ve been the Commonwealth’s third Naismith Trophy in three years (In 2012 Kentucky was triumphant in New Orleans and in 2013 Louisville was crowned king in Atlanta.).

In fact, it seemed to many experts and fans that it was already a done deal. Kentucky was going to win number nine. After all, if “little brother” Louisville had handled UCONN easily in AAC play, “big brother” Kentucky should have no problem with the Huskies. Right?

Final Four North Texas AT&T stadium night

As it turns out, UCONN never got that script, and they cruised to victory on the back of Shabazz Napier, who tallied 22 points, 6 assists, 3 rebounds and 3 steals in his final game for the Huskies.

The championship defeat was the source of much sadness for Kentucky fans but was also a cause for celebration for some Louisville supporters.

Of course, not all Louisville fans were cheering against Kentucky. I, for example, committed the Cardinal sin and cheered for Big Blue back in April. In fact, Wade and I flew to North Texas to document the scene and to attend the championship game in Jerry World.

But even though Kentucky came up just short this season, the state represented itself admirably. Louisville and Kentucky were ranked in the top five going into the 2013-2014 college basketball season, and they ended the NCAA tournament among the top five teams as well.

Next year let’s just hope that the NCAA finally gets it right and puts U of L and UK in opposite brackets. Because if U of L and UK ever meet in the finals you can bet that Wade and I will be there filming it!

Final Four North Texas producer Wade Smith and director Rory Owen Delaney


The DVD and Blu-ray are available from as well as our web store.


In Louisville most of the DVDs at Walmart and Krogers have sold out and will not be reordered until the start of the college basketball season. We have heard that Alumni Hall in the Mall of St. Matthews is still carrying copies. The DVD can also be rented or purchased at Wild and Wooly Video, the best little video store in Louisville if I may say so myself.


SLAM Magazine “Red V. Blue” Rivalry Documentary Interview

SLAM Magazine interviews director Rory Owen Delaney about his new rivalry documentary Red V. Blue.

Read the interview on Duane Watson’s blog “Directing Traffic: Basketball on Film.”


Battleground State: Red V. Blue documentary takes a close looks at Louisville-Kentucky rivalry.

By Duane Watson

Many will argue that North Carolina versus Duke is the greatest rivalry in college basketball, but in the Bluegrass State, nothing is as divisive as Louisville vs Kentucky. Only in Louisville, will you find two seniors coming to blows over their respective schools at a dialysis center. Yet despite their close proximity, both universities have only faced each other 46 times since 1913. The competition intensified with the annual Battle of the Bluegrass, which started in 1983, however, games take on a deeper meaning with the National Championship on the line. Both schools are in the Sweet 16 and face off in the Midwest Regional semi-final, No. 4 Louisville will face No. 8 UK with more than just state pride will be at stake.

Red V. Blue started filming as the Wildcats made their 2012 championship run, and the subsequent season as the Cardinals not to be outdone, won a national championship in 2013. Yet the documentary goes far back into the history of the state and it’s climate on a cultural level, providing a deep understanding of how this feud came to be, and why it still rages strong. While conflicts didn’t permit for the most coveted sit down Rick Pitino, the only person to have coached at both schools, there are a dearth of interviews, from former players, coaches, historians and most importantly their passionate fans.

SLAM spoke with Rory Owen Delaney, the director of Red V Blue about the film.

SLAM: Is this the biggest rivalry in basketball and why?

Rory Owen Delaney: Yeah, I think it really is the biggest rivalry in basketball. One of the big reasons is they only play once a year, as they’re not in the same conference. So you don’t get that Duke/North Carolina deal where they play twice and may play in the ACC tournament. They just have this one game and you got to get it right, and maybe you’ll get a meeting in the NCAA tournament. The other reason is there are no pro sports teams in Kentucky, so those two universities are the equivalent of pro teams. I think even Forbes Magazine has analyzed this and I believe both of those teams generate more revenue than most NBA teams. (Louisville has topped Forbes list for most valuable college basketball teams the last two seasons, but the program doesn’t generate more revenue than pro teams—Ed.). Lastly, I think this whole history of where they didn’t play for decades and where there was this urban rule, almost even a little bit of regional tension to it. Even though it’s not like it used to be, there still a little specter of it and fires people up a little bit more.

Click here to read the rest of the interview!

rivalry documentary

Lights of Liberty Theater

See The Rivalry: Red V. Blue at the newly renovated Lights of Liberty Theater!

The Lights of Liberty Theater in Liberty, KY will be screening The Rivalry: Red V. Blue on February 16th at 7 pm. The address of the theater is 36 Hustonville St. This is an extra cool event because the Lights of Liberty is a newly renovated theater in a town that hasn’t had its own cinema since the 70s!

Our mission is to share this documentary with as many Kentuckians as possible, so we are really pumped to screen in a town that hasn’t had its own movie theater for decades — that’s why we made The Rivalry: Red V. Blue!

To find a showtime in your area, check out our Screenings Page, or to host a showtime, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

lights of liberty theater

Hazard Showtime Added

PERRY DISTRIBUTORS PRESENTS “The Rivalry: Red V. Blue” in Hazard, KY!

This Saturday, January 18th, The Rivalry: Red V. Blue will be screening at 7 pm at The Forum Theater, located on 101 Bulldog Ln in Hazard, KY. Tickets are only $3 for this event, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to watch the first movie to document college basketball’s ultimate rivalry: Kentucky-Louisville!

Red V. Blue features interviews with Denny Crum, Joe B. Hall, Oscar Combs, Tom Leach, Jerry Tipton, Derek Anderson, Matt Jones, Mike Rutherford, Terry Howard, Van Vance, Jock Sutherland, and many others.

If you can’t make it to our Hazard showtime, be sure to catch RVB on a big screen in a theater near you. The movie is best enjoyed  in the company of as many other UK and U of L fans as possible! To find a screening near you, check out our Screenings Page.

Hazard Showtime